How cat I detect Ethernet Card in mojo?(ubuntu)


My Usb to Ethernet device did not detect...

I type Ifconfig ......
It only show local(lo)

Some post, I found that Using dmesg can figure out ethernet device.
but I did not find anything...

There is blinking on the ethernet port.

Does anybody know the reason? How can I solve it?
Has anybody faced similar issue?


and your using what kernel revision? what usb 'device'? Does it work
with a mainstream x86 distro? please post, 'dmesg', 'lsusb', etc...


I did that fallowing site instruction.


and my kernel image is linux-image-2.6.27-oer4_1.0hasty_arm.deb.

Did you have the same symptoms with my situation.

Okay it's good you are working from my wiki page instructions.

At what point in the wiki are you with the install instructions?

Since this install procedure completely relies on QEMU and your host
computer you will not need any usb-network devices till atleast

If you are at that section and your usb ethernet hardware isn't
working, please answer these questions:

Does your usb ethernet hardware work with a mainstream x86 linux
distro (ubuntu/fedora/etc)? Please post, 'dmesg', 'lsusb', etc with it
plugged in...


Thanks for your help.
I miss that section.

It works very well.

have a good day.

Just wanted to add one thing...I had some issues connecting my usb-
ethernet adapter as well. The one command I used was "dhclient", just
because my beagleboard is on a school network that uses DHCP.