How do I boot BBAI-64

We just got BBAI-64, we downloaded AI64 images, write into SD, insert to AI-64, connect to PC by usb type C cable.

Power led turn on, blinked few times then after few minutes, the board is off, led power is off as well.

Nothing shown on PC (virtual drive…)

We have tried two images below, anyone know what steps we should do, please?

TDA4VM Debian 11.3 2022-06-14 10GB SD XFCE


TDA4VM Debian 11.3 2022-06-14 16GB eMMC XFCE Flasher

Many thanks,

It’s locking up on bootup… This is a sign that the eMMC still has the original shipping bootloader…

I tried to give a heads up with this page…

But… use this procedure…

insert microSD
Hold down boot and reset
insert power
lift finger off reset button
wait till led turns on
lift finger off boot

Once it boots (assuming non-flasher) run: (flasher would do this automaticly)

sudo /opt/u-boot/bb-u-boot-beagleboneai64/
sudo /opt/u-boot/bb-u-boot-beagleboneai64/


We don’t have Mini DP cable yet so couldn’t connect to monitor, is there any way to use SSH through virtual ethernet ?

Looks nothing new happened, the board still off after awhile

do you mean the power led? isn’t this led turn on immediately after power on, and no need to wait?

I hold reset and boot buttons around 30 seconds, no other led on except for power led on right after power the board.

Booted, the power source need to be exactly 5V.

really any led…

We want the sysboot pins to be read while holding ‘boot’, the best way to do that is hold the board in reset and wait till power has been applied… This ensure it’ll boot from the microSD…


Yes, thanks Robert

First, I tried usb C cable, the power led on, I though the board is powered and no boot.

Then I tried power source 4.5V, power led still on but no boot.

Finally, I had to use exactly 5V adaptor then it boots.

Yeah, it’s pretty picky with the diode protection…

The best (and cheapest option) I’ve found, is to just use the Raspberry Pi 4’s power supply, it’s 5V 3amp for around $8 US… and they are available from everyone around the world that stocks PI’s…