How do I find out what image my brand new Beaglebone Black is running?

I just got a Beaglebone Black from Adafruit. It came with debian pre-installed. In going though the getting started guide, one of the first things it recommends to do is update the image. That’s probably a good idea but the lastest image is from May so I probably already have it. I’d like to check before going to all the work of flashing a new image but I can’t seem to determine the version I’m currently running. It seems like something everyone would want to know before they do an update. Anyone know how to find it?


You’re sure the latest image is from may ?

“ uname –a “ :wink:

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Try: cat /etc/dogtag

I think the May image is the latest released image, that is the image that ships on the Bone. There was a new test image pushed yesterday (4-Sep-2014).


Hi William,

I had tried uname but it just gave me the linux kernel number and I couldn’t find anything that would tie that to a beaglebone image. Thanks though.

That’s what I was missing. Thanks! My image is dated from April so I guess I need to update it.

That’s the latest one I found on the images site ( I’m not sure I want to use a test image. Are they stable? Do they have a good reputation?

Other then an issue with "bone101" the "testing" release are just a
snapshot. If you need bone101 use