How do I report errors in Technical Manuals (AM355x specifically)

Can anyone tell me how to report an error in TI technical


Document: AM335x ARM® CortexTM-A8 Microprocessors (MPUs) Technical
Reference Manual
      ( )

On page 1212, section 9.2.2 Pad Control Registers, table 9-1 the
definition of the values for bit 3: PULLUDEN is different then on page
1213, section Pull Selection, table 9-3.

Table 9-1 has 0 as enable, table 9-3 has 1 as enable... I am assuming
1 is enable but would be nice to know for sure. :slight_smile:

- Ken -

You can post the to the E2E mailing list on Or. there is a link at the bottom of each page called “Submit Document Feedback”.


Thanks Gerald! Can't believe I missed the link at the bottom of the
page... Duh!


Well, I don’t want you to think that you are not unique, but a lot of people miss the link!


Dear Fellows,

If my memory serves me right, there is actually the link also on TI
documents. I’ll check (quite soon) the next time I read data sheet again.