how much beagleboard ubuntu distribution is related to official ubuntu ARM distribution

I got confused by and Is the later derived from the former? Can we not install Ubuntu’s ARM server on beaglebone black? When does Ubuntu officially support Nelson’s beagleboard ubuntu distribution? What is the story?

Canonical has no desire to officially support the BeagleBoards. What Robert does he does on his own and does an excellent job. As to the story, I suggest you contact Canonical on that.


Just to add to Gerald's comment... "ubuntu/canonical/linaro" runs a
business, they want "$" to fully support a board officially..

It was also pretty cool for awhile (in the ubuntu lucid days) when
they even tried to support the's boards.. But i think
they rely on more on the "first time" users, whereas the beagleboard
community has always been full of active linux developers, so it made
things interesting..


Thank you nelson for your excellent work.