How much space is required to build angstrom


This morning I began to follow this guide:

the first step is to build the angstrom rootfs, as described here:

the last command I asserted was:

MACHINE=beagleboard ./ bitbake virtual/kernel

it’s at step 2. After more than 12h it filled up all the available space on my machine (about 4 GB) and of course it stopped…
Because I’m only at step 2 of the first step of the whole procedure, how much space I need to complete it?


Well, I created a new virtual drive and it filled up to 9 GB of space, urgh! I think one should be advised!
One question, the guide says:

These instructions end in you running:

bitbake base-image ; bitbake console-image ; bitbake x11-image

Running the last command leads to the following error:

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = “1.15.2”
TARGET_OS = “linux-gnueabi”
MACHINE = “beagleboard”
DISTRO = “angstrom”
DISTRO_VERSION = “v2012.05”
TUNE_FEATURES = “armv7a vfp neon cortexa8”
TARGET_FPU = “vfp-neon”
meta-angstrom = “angstrom-v2012.05-yocto1.2:8ffbfd7962226f8fd4c40d7c43a96645c5ec158e”
meta-initramfs = “denzil:06d6f7ec9245ed32de8910cb236094b7900605ba”
meta-opie = “master:efa3892b20a4ef80274e56e5633ebd62c16f9731”
meta-java = “master:3386ea6c96096f107f43f282f654e5afa456109e”
meta-browser = “master:c47f59df2e723495679c751cbdf6a8c6adec4b6a”
meta-mono = “master:83f8233b0498aadb18bf7605c3ba6c71d9e13a3a”
meta-kde = “master:5b0882d951cfd71886d423c190faaa7c7f932333”
meta-ti = “master:897596f437af47cb376ddcfb39518f6cb37a7684”
meta-efikamx = “master:2c09a3a780b23448e8a6ca964256ff7f5ccba65d”
meta-nslu2 = “master:3d9fc951b05b4df476374b6fc3085ebac7f293ee”
meta-palm = “master:2b106be01228f64298d6cb338f93088806594344”
meta-handheld = “master:1f05a15aceb4c3a19fa070463b58125b5658b2a9”
meta-raspberrypi = “denzil:34eef2ea4f5f24630dbb73b386861430167b8431”
meta-n450 = “master:f75f9b6f68473eb0efac802409608f8389be0030”
meta = “denzil:741146fa90f28f7ce8d82ee7f7e254872d519724”

ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES ‘x11-image’

Why? Who should provide x11-image?
The document says nothing about this.

I really want to understand how to solve these problems without asking every time to the list.

Any hint is very appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Angstrom full build is about 16gigs at my hdd.

Moreover you use very ancient instructions from Nokia

So might you link me a more recent procedure? Thanks!

20G free disk space for x11 image.

在 2012-7-22 下午2:48,“Marco Trapanese” <>写道:

Do you know now why it happens: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES ‘x11-image’ ?

W dniu poniedziałek, 23 lipca 2012 02:09:27 UTC+2 użytkownik vortune napisał:

Do you know now why it happens: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'x11-image' ?

Yes, because that image doesn't exist.

Hmm… so how to build image with x11? Something has changed?


  1. Is it possible to build this way MLO and u-boot.img bootloaders? What command?
  2. Does Angstrom have support for SysLINK for Beagleboard?

W dniu środa, 29 sierpnia 2012 09:38:06 UTC+2 użytkownik Koen Kooi napisał:


bitbake u-boot

I am also getting that same error, I can see that the recipe for x11-image no longer exists.

It’s quite frustrating…because all the info you see on the net for x11 and Angstrom is “bitbake x11-image”

I was just wondering, did you find out what replaced the x11-image?

Will be grateful if someone could shed some light and excuse me if this has already been answered somewhere
I have been searching the entire afternoon and cant find anything

Not "all" the info, the official docs don't mention x11-image:

Why not follow those instead?

Hi Koen

Thanks for the reply. I am actually building a systemd-gnome-image at the moment. It just gets a bit frustrating if your a noobie and all you want to do is build a image with a lightweight desktop installed and it doesnt help that somewhere along the way you heard about x11 and then limit all your searches to x11 :slight_smile:

So in desperation I started the gnome build…but feel more at ease now after seeing you post the same instructions i used :wink:

Thanks again

The best thing to do when you see out of date information that doesn't work any more is to contact the author of the article. Then they can either set it right or put an update to the article linking to a more recent piece of documentation.

If it is a forum thread or news post then you can reply yourself with a quick note stating that this is no longer applicable.

Just ignoring it and leaving it for others to fall into the same hole is counter productive.

However, I'm glad you got a solution sorted!


Hi Jack

Thanks, yes that’s good advice! I hate it when I read a thread and there is no resolution at the end, but I guess I cant get mad at others if I do the same. So in future I will definately update. I hope that this post helps someone!