How to apply patch to linux kernel


I download my linux kernel from git://

And now I want to apply the linux patches from here;a=tree;f=packages/linux/linux-omap;h=e56ed500ba61ea636a2dd14ada76821320fb5eb8;hb=HEAD

but I don’t know how to apply those patches. Can anyone show me how?

Thanks & Best regards !!


Run the following command:
$ patch < patch_or_diff_file

This should provide the documentation for patch:
$ man patch


Thanks for the answer.

How to download the patch files from this website?;a=tree;f=packages/linux/linux-omap;h=e56ed500ba61ea636a2dd14ada76821320fb5eb8;hb=HEAD

Should I download the patch file one by one by clicking “raw” hyperlink?

Thanks & Best regards !!