How to autologin as root on Beagleboard xM


I am using Angstrom (Kernel 3.0.8).
I want the beagleboard to login automatically without us requiring to
type root.

How can this be done?


I'm using buildroot and busybox, there it is done in /etc/inittab with
the entry


instead of something like getty.
the - before /bin/sh makes it a root shell (i.e. reads configuration)


Follow the directions here.... Works perfectly....

That's for GNOME Angstrom.....

Thanks Jochen and Fredric for your reply..

But i am using a console image which i have built using angstrom
It does not hav the inittab file in the /etc folder.

these are the contents of /etc/ folder

Which file should be modified to enable auto login as root?

You do not need to login at all.

Actually i want the beagleboard to work automatically without needing to login and run some sripts automatically.

You can put your script in init.d. Then, in either rc3.d or rc5.d or both, create a soft link point to your script in init.d. For instance, in rc3.d, you will see the names of the soft links like this one "S??xxx". The two numbers follow 'S' imply the order of execution. The soft link with the smallest number will be executed first. So, S99rmnologin will be executed last.


Thanks Eric Fung.


I'm looking for something to "auto-login" as well and found this
thopic, but I'm having some difficulties, i'm running on a angstrom
console-image aswell. If i understood correctly, i need to create and
add a script file in init.d, then use a softlink to it from either
rc3.d or rc5.d, rename the file so it have an SxyNameoffile.

Since i'm not good at scripts, i did some copy and paste from this
thread, hoping something might work.




exit 0

After which i try to create a link of that file to rc3.d
sudo ln -s /media/Angstrom/etc/init.d/autologin /media/Angstrom/etc/

I then start up the board, but i have to login. My end goal is to get
a program i've written to autostart on powerup. Could any one please
help me / point me in the right direction, on how to get this working.



I am trying to achieve the same goal → to auto-login and auto-boot a application
I followed the recommendations in this thread but without success and further investigation in the net showed a lot of solutions with the /etc/inittab file which does not exist in my rootfs.

It would be really nice if one could help.