how to automatically start the BBB without entering a password and username

I have written a C++ application and I want it to run automatically when BBB restarts and it would be so much helpfull if the BBB logs in automatically without requiring the enter the username and password.

I dont know how to do this. Help would be so much appreciated.

p.s I understand the security concerns I would have to face by doing so. but I am okay with it. its for learning only.
thank you,

Please read:

Your asking for help, without letting us know "which" program is
currently running your "login" screen you'd like to bypass with an


im sorry I forgot to mention that. I am running Ubuntu 13.04 with the GUI LXDE installed.
the C++ program is a simple program reading the ADC value and writing it to a text file.

What you’re after is running a startup “script” ( service ) at boot time. How this is done on Ubuntu I am not sure, but Debian makes it fairly straight forward.

Someone here should be able to help you, and if not google “Ubuntu boot time service” and start reading / experimenting. Honestly though, this is not even an embedded specific topic, and really is a basic Linux question. I would also suggest you learn more about your distribution . …

thank you so much for your reply Mr. William.

this makes me wonder, as a newbie, what is really the best operating system for a user to learn? is it debian or Ubuntu or angstrom? Or is there a difference?

in an embedded platform of course.