How to build kernel version 4.1.5-bone-rt-r15?

Hello, I installed the latest ubuntu image I found (images_bone-debian-7.8-lxde-4gb-armhf-2015-03-01-4gb.img).

I then followed the instructions here:

then executed this command to update to the 4.1 RT kernel:

./ --bone-rt-kernel --lts

which updates to “Linux beaglebone 4.1.5-bone-rt-r15 #1 PREEMPT RT Mon Aug 17 21:20:48 UTC 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux”

Everything seems to work okay so far, but I can’t figure out how that kernel was built. Is there are wonderful script somewhere that builds this kernel?

More generally, how are all the kernels available from ./ built?


kernels are maintained by Robert AFAIK, and his build instructions are here:

He does have some customizations in addition. Which I’m not really sure what all he does.

Is this the information you’re after ?

Thanks so much! That looks like the right place. Not sure why I couldn’t find it before :slight_smile:

I’m building the rt-4.1 kernel now… I think.