How to build u-boot for BBB from the TI SDK and flash u-boot into BBB?

Hi all

I am newer for BBB.

I read the document:

But the source code is not from TI SDK.

I want to build u-boot from TI SDK and flash u-boot into BBB.

Could anyone help me?



Hi Daniel,

What I am assuming from your question is that you want to use the TI SDK u-boot and put it onto a BBB SD card with a debian file system. Note that I haven’t tried this exact thing but I hope to give you pointers to get started.

The TI SDK assumes a boot partition where it puts the MLO and u-boot.img files (created as part of the script bin/
The BBB Debian image does not create a partition but writes the MLO and u-boot.img files to known locations at the start of the SD card.

So stages would be:

$make u-boot

This will create the first and second level u-boot executables:
board-support/u-boot-XXXX-YYYY/MLO and board-support/u-boot-XXXX-YYYY/u-boot.img

Information on the BBB Debian image can be found at ( You should be able to take these two commands to update the u-boot on an existing card with your TI SDK versions.

A couple of notes:

  • See earlier comments in that page for how to set DISK. In my case I set DISK=/dev/sdc as the drive the SD card is mounted to.
  • I assume here that the mounted SD card already contains a Debian BBB image

sudo dd ``if``=./board-support/u-boot-XXXX-YYYY/MLO of=${DISK} count=1 seek=1 bs=128k
sudo dd ``if``=./board-support/u-boot-XXXX-YYYY/u-boot.img of=${DISK} count=2 seek=1 bs=384k