How to change desktop color Beagley ?

My screen colors are pink and green, monitor is fine when connected to another source. Looked in the settings and cannot find any way to change this. Also tried different hdmi adapters and still has the problem.

This is interesting, on a different box and the screenshot I just posted looks perfect, its pink on the bby??

Does the beagley take a special adapter?

@foxsquirrel ah crap, is it pink with every monitor you have? This doesn’t smell good @jkridner !

Not sure, its a real pain to untangle the rats nest. I will try it on another one and let you know what happens.

It is fine on a HP 27m. Dell U2414H has the issue.

I wonder if this is an issue with the HDMI framer sending the “wrong” color space and the U2414H being particularly picky… I remember back in the day it really didn’t play well with Nvidia GPUs, we had a few of those at the lab in college and I remember those being very picky with the ports of the desktops we had (Dell ironically).

@FoxSquirrel if you have a Play I’d be very curious if you see the same behavior.

Also check the cable, but we can do a replacement unit.

This is specific to this board. Play, AI64 are fine.

Hard to guess what is wrong, it does not go away regardless of power cycling of all devices involved. Cable and video are fine on the HP 27M. Might not be worth the time trying to troubleshoot, that Dell monitor might be getting close to EOL. Not sure of its age.

The Play and BeagleY-AI have a very similar ite video/hdmi framer… But the BeagleY-AI expanded support from 2 displays to 3, so the backend is different… The v6.1.x kernel we boot with today, it’s display patches are still very fresh… I need to get v6.6.x into shape so we can start testing more displays changes.

Using the xfce display tool, does changing the resolution to lower help or change any of the artifacts…


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Not sure, I will try that tomorrow.

I will also find out if it is the board itself or some code. The board from mouser should be here soon they sent an in stock notice today.