How to change the 192.168.7.x adress scheme in bbb using the Angstrom image ?


I’m re-posting this question (that was part of another issue that got no responses). 'am hoping someone from the bbb s/w team can chime in.

I wish to change the 192.168.7.x scheme to say the 192.168.8.x scheme. I’m running So, I tried changing the ip info in the file:
to now say:
iface usb0 inet static
After a reboot, it did not use this new info, bur somehow reverted back to the old info (checked via ifconfig for usb0). There was an error at the end of the reboot cycle, that is unclear if related:

[ 10.216600] systemd-udevd[83]: worker [101] terminated by signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
[ 10.230355] systemd-udevd[83]: worker [101] failed while handling ‘/devices/ocp.2/47400000.usb/’

'am wondering if:
. if I’m not following the proper steps to update/persist, or
. the original 192.168.7.x info is hard-coded somewhere, or
. is there an usb-driver (for usb0) issue with the
05/03/13 3.8.11 Angstrom image that I’m using.

Any help from the linux gurus is appreciated.


if you’ve worked with the original Beaglebone then the solution is the same, using connman to set the ip. Here is a link from a dwatts blog (gigamegablog) that explains it really well. Hope it helps!


Thanks for the link, Jorge.

bbb is helping with my foray into systems side of (embedded) linux. I guess I was not using the proper search criteria and so did not see this link.