how to check sleep/hibernate/suspend settings in BBB console images

I’ve got a server running on one of Robert Nelson’s console images ( 2015-11-03, with kernel 4.1.34-bone-rt-r24 #1 PREEMPT RT).

It seems to become unresponsive after several hours, and I’m wondering if there is some kind of powersaving mechanism at play.

Does anyone know how to figure out whether sleep, hibernate, or suspend-like events might be happening, and then prevent them?

I do have acpid installed because I was trying to sense the power button being pressed, but haven’t gotten that to work (bug in this kernel/image?). Could that be causing these issues?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Note… even a quick pointer to what I can run at the command line to check these would be most appreciated…

4.1.34-bone-rt-r24 doesn't have the kernel patches to do proper

But cpuidle/cpufreq is enabled..



Thank you for clarifying – this is very useful to know. :slight_smile: