how to check the EDID into from u-boot?

more a u-boot question than a BB question, but it's on the current
validation page so i thought i'd ask. on this page:

i'm reading how to extract the EDID info from an attached flat panel
(which is currently displaying the BB splash screen since i'm using
u-boot version 2009.01-dirty (Feb 19 2009 - 12:22:31)).

  that page shows:

# How to check EDID in u-boot

OMAP3 # ibus 2 0x64
OMAP3 # imd 0x50 0 100

not having messed with I2C much from u-boot, i did what was suggested
and got:

OMAP3 # ibus 2 0x64
ibus - ibus - I2C bus selection

so that obviously didn't work well. what's the proper incantation for
that older version of u-boot?

  and what about for the *current* version of u-boot, where the I2C
commands have been rewritten thusly:

OMAP3 # help i2c
i2c - I2C sub-system

i2c speed [speed] - show or set I2C bus speed
i2c md chip address[.0, .1, .2] [# of objects] - read from I2C device
i2c mm chip address[.0, .1, .2] - write to I2C device (auto-incrementing)
i2c mw chip address[.0, .1, .2] value [count] - write to I2C device (fill)
i2c nm chip address[.0, .1, .2] - write to I2C device (constant address)
i2c crc32 chip address[.0, .1, .2] count - compute CRC32 checksum
i2c probe - show devices on the I2C bus
i2c reset - re-init the I2C Controller
i2c loop chip address[.0, .1, .2] [# of objects] - looping read of device

if i can get that to work, i'll add it to the validation page.