How to communicate USB-to-serial through USB hub ("ttyACM0")

I am currently communicating between my Beaglebone and a Maple board via a serial connection directly through a USB cable. This works well. (LeafLabs Maple is an Arduino-like board with an on-board USB connector)

Due to power requirements I want to relpace the direct USB connection with a power supplied USB hub but when connecting the Maple board this way I do no longer see the serial device listed.

I am new to Linux/Debian and am unsure what to do from here, and if it’s even possible to perform serial communication through an USB hub.

check your usb hub power supply ?

Expanding on what liyaoshi just posted. I remember someone else having a similar problem but with a different device. His solution was to cut the power wire feeding back from the USB hub back into the beaglebone. However, as said above he / she used a different device, and the device its self was not showing up at all under lsusb output. Also, I’m fairly sure the USB hub was self powered.

Thank you for the responses,

beyond all expectations cutting the red power wire of the USB cable connecting the Beaglebone (A/host port) to the USB hub (mini/client port) actually did solve the problem. I now have the Maple board serial device ttyACM0 available again.

(for information, both the Beaglebone and the USB hub are powered independently, and the Maple board is powered through the USB hub.)

Thanks for the hint on this, Teis

Glad it worked for you. My guess is while power is being fed back into the beaglebone, the USB get puts into another Mode of operation. But I have not looked into that personally, so again is just a guess.

That sounds reasonable. I wondered too what difference it would make to cut the wire. Ideally I would prefer not to fall back to such substandard modifications. I’m happy with the workaround though.

regards, Teis