How to connect an external ethernet PHY to beaglebone black


I want to connect an external PHY to beaglebone black. How do I do it?


I am assuming that you are asking about an Ethernet PHY. The answer is that you can’t. There aren’t enough signals present on the connector to do it. Best solution would be to add it via USB.


A PHY, no, not possible, the right pins just aren't broken out to the
headers. But you could connect an SRAM interface Ethernet controller
like the SMSC LAN9217.


BBB and SRAM interface? Not possible because GPMC_AD0…7 are wired to eMMC

BBB and SRAM interface? Not possible because GPMC_AD0..7 are wired to

So disable the eMMC, or take some hot air to it and really disable it by
pulling it off the board.
Other than USB, which is an option like Gerald said, an SRAM interface
is the other option.