How to connect PCM1792A audio DAC to OMAP3530 on Beagleboard?

I am planning to use the TI PCM1792A as the highest quality monaural
audio DAC in the 24-bit, 192 kS/s I2S configuration. I therefore need
the following clock signals:

1. System clock for filters and modulators, 49.152 MHz (mcbsp_clks,

2. Audio data clock, 12.288 MHz (mcbsp2_clkx, CLKX)

3. Frame synchronization clock 192 kHz (mcbsp2_fsx, FSX).

I would prefer to generate these three clock signals by the OMAP3530
on the Beagleboard from the 26 MHz using DPPL4 or DPLL5.

Is this possible and if it is how should I set up the DPLL?
If not what should I do to generate those clocks?

And how do I get hold on the McBSP2 signals on the Beagleboard to
connect the PCM1792A with I2S signals?

Why would the McBSP2 be limited only to the audio sampling rate of 48