How to connect PPPOE


I recently boughtBeagleBone Black.
I need it to connect to internet.
After searching on internet,I am able to share my laptop’s internet to the BeagleBone .
I am also able to SSH using putty.
But now I need to connect BBB directly to the internet for my project.

My ISP provides me internet using PPPOE.
How can I make PPPOE connection ing BBB?
Please help me.

Tarun Mishra

linux support PPPoE I have tested before, works very well.

The easiest way is just to buy a little router that does PPPOE and NAT to connect your internal LAN to your ISP. You go into the router setup screen once to tell it the PPPOE password, etc. Then you tell all your devices (ie. laptop and BBB) to use that gateway address so anything on your LAN is always connected through the router’s gateway. So everything shares the internet connection, your devices are not exposed to the larger internet, and they can all talk to each other.