How to control Power, Buttons, LEDs, etc. of a 4D Systems 4DCAPE-70T?

Dear all,

I’m running a 4DCAPE-70T on my BeagleBone Black with Debian Linux (as recommended from 4D Systems based on the following package:

It’s all fine in general, but I have some questions which 4D Systems won’t answer to me (as argumented that those are SW-questions and no HW-support):

I found out, that I can turn on / off the Backlight of the Display by i.a. using

echo 1 > /sys/class/backlight/backlight.11/bl_power

Is there a real “Display off” mode, which can be controlled by software (Bonescript / javascript or Shell)?

How can I prevent the display to “sleep”? It always goes into some kind of sleep modus, if there is no interaction with the display. So, it “sleeps”, when my script turns the backlight on and hence you have e.g. to touch it. In my concrete scenario, I would like to stop this sleep mode.

Is there any chance to use e.g. the “Power”-Button for a concrete Script? I do not need this button, but it would be great, if it could call a script which turns on the Display (or it’s backlight).

Is there any chance to control the LEDs by Software? I do not need e.g. a Power LED, but I would like to have an “alert LED”, which is controlled by my software.

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I just got this same display and I’m suspecting I’m going to encounter the same issues developing my embedded linux device.

One curious thing that I’ve just noticed that I’m wonder if you’ve also seen is when I issue a shut down command from the shell (via sudo halt) the BeagleBone Black shuts down as expected but the monitor stays on holding the last display information it got. I don’t want the user to have to hold down the power button for 8 seconds to shut down the device. I’d like a button/menu item in the app to do the shutdown.

Currently, I have Ubuntu as the OS. Have you seen this problem or is it just my install?


Dear David,

I am sorry for my late reply, but this was due to holidays.
I run the current Debian on my BBB and do not have the mentioned problem.

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I am also facing the same issue. Is there any commands to come out of sleep mode ?