how to convert .tar.lzma file to .gz file

the source code that we have got is .tar.lzma format (1.1GB)
when we extract it it becomes 2.2GB. but this is not compilable..
can someone tell me how to convert it to .gz format.

Hi Abhishek,

to make file.tar.gz archive you do:
tar czf file.tar.gz sources

to make just gz file, like file.gz, you do:
gzip file

2010/10/18 Abraham Arce <>

i got some information from

and the source code from

Kindly check this site, and tell me whether i am in right path or not…

i have successfully ported angstrom Linux on beagle board…
there is a proper order of coping the files on MMC. i did it and it worked fine…

but in case of porting android i dont know which files i need?
kindly tell me something that i can do in windows platform using hyperterminal and not linux
because i had some problems in installing git and repo tool on my system…