How to do a 4 Deep Callback in Bonescript/JS

I can only get two deep callback to work here is my function

function send(Callback) {
var Angle = document.getElementById(“DampAngle”).value;
var AtCmd6 = 0x4 ;
var AtCmd4 = 0x4 ;
var AtCmd3 = 0x4 ;
var AtCmd2 = 0x4 ;

if ((Angle & 0x8) == 0x8) { // ANGL[3:0] = [D6, D4, D2, D1]
atCmd6 = “0x05”;}//
else {
atCmd6 = “0x04”;}//

if ((Angle & 0x4) == 0x4) { // ANGL[3:0] = [D6, D4, D2, D1]
atCmd4 = “0x05”;}//
else {
atCmd4 = “0x04”;}//

if ((Angle & 0x2) == 0x2) { // ANGL[3:0] = [D6, D4, D2, D1]
atCmd3 = “0x05”;}//
else {
atCmd3 = “0x04”;}//

if ((Angle & 0x1) == 0x1) { // ANGL[3:0] = [D6, D4, D2, D1]
atCmd2 = “0x05”;}//
else {
atCmd2 = “0x04”;}//

sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D6”, atCmd6,
sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D4”, atCmd4,
sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D3”, atCmd3,
sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D2”, atCmd2))))

function Callback() {sendCmd(damp1Addr, “AC”, 0 );} //apply changes


It will only perform two of the sendCmd commands no matter how I structure it. I want to do these function in this order but the next function can not start until the last one is completed.

sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D6”, atCmd6);

sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D4”, atCmd4);
sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D3”, atCmd3);
sendCmd(damp1Addr, “D2”, atCmd2)
sendCmd(damp1Addr, “AC”, 0 );

every time I call the send function.

I went through a few tutorials and looked at many examples and although I think I understand what callback is doing I do not understand how to construct the code to do more than just two callbacks.

Can anyone help?