How to Enable Beaglebone Black Power On Self-Test (POST)?


I need to perform memory test at BBB boot. I’d like to perform memory POST test as documented in “doc/README.memory-test”. However I have difficulty to enable the tests.

u-boot version: u-boot-2013.10

I added below (3) lines to the file “am335x_evm.h” to enable memory POST.




I’ve got errors when I build:
"… include/post.h:60:2: error: #error “_POST_WORD_ADDR currently not implemented for this platform!” ".

It seems that “post,h” file suggests that am335x platform is not supported by POST.

I wonder if someone could give me some guidance on this topic.

Thanks a lot!

Lei Wang

PS I also tried with the latest u-boot release (v2014.10-rc3). I got the same error.

Hi, Lei:

Did you get the answer? I just want to do the similar thing… Thanks

Hi Hanks,

It seems that it is not supported. Please see the “official” response from TI below.



There is no power on self test on the board.