How to enable LCD04 cape on Kernel 3.13.x

I do see the example line


in uEnv.txt

and based on that I thought I could get the LCD to work.

Here’s what I did:

I copied




and rebooted.

the system does not boot, I guess the cause is that in the LCD4 def there’s only the devicetree part for LCD4.

I also tried the same with BB-BONE-LCD4-01-00A1.dtbo, same result.

Can anybody help?

Is there a way to make thre LCD4 work on BBB and Kernel 3.13?

Do I need to merge the default dtb with the lcd4 dtb? if yes, how do I do that?


Blame me for having a "broken" default for an example..

I don't have the "lcd04-01" static cape done for v3.13.x/v3.14.x yet.


Sniff, too bad.

So what are the steps to do it? Take default and merge it with lcd04 or is there more magic involved?

For simple things: (usarts/spi/i2c) we can do:

For the lcd, something like this

essentially creating another "board" dtb..