how to enable PRU

I’ve got one question - how can I switch on the PRU (both of them) on the BeagleBone so I can access them using “am335x pru package”.

Nowadays I’m using Debian and in order to enable them I’m using the PRU cape:

echo BB-BONE-PRU-01 >/sys/devices/bone_capemgr.x/slots

Is it the only way to do that? Since I remember the cape is muxxing by default some I/O to the PRU.

I'm doing that:

#include <prussdrv.h>
#define PRU_NUM0 0
#define PRU_NUM1 1
#define AM33XX
prussdrv_init ();
prussdrv_exec_program (PRU_NUM0, "./text.bin");
prussdrv_exec_program (PRU_NUM1, "./text1.bin");

but without enabling the PRU from the Linux:

echo BB-BONE-PRU-01 >/sys/devices/bone_capemgr.x/slots|

prussdrv_open() returns an error

Unless you enable the PRU via a custom device tree or by loading an
overlay, it's disabled. The BB-BONE-PRU-01 is one overlay that enables
the PRU, but there are many others (like my universal overlay[1]), or
you can create your own.