How to enable PWM on 4 pins

Hello Beaglebone community,
I am running Debian on my BBB with 3.8 Kernel. I am need generate 4 PWM signals to control my ESCs. I am using Adafruit PWM library to test the values.
I have set up DTO with pins P9.14, P9.16, P8.13, P8.19. However only two of those pins work. How can generate 4 PWM signals using BBB?


I use libpruio for PWM output (available on 14 header pins). It supports full control over the PWMSS registers:

  • Up to 8 PWM signals (6 x ePWM, 2 x eCAP).
  • Up to 6 of them can get synchonized (3 x 2 x ePWM) or
  • up to 5 of them can be independant signals (3 x ePWM, 2 x eCAP).