How to enable ssh in single user mode?

Environment: ubuntu-precise-12.04 on Beaglebone Black, no GUI

  1. System hang when I did “init 1” or “telinit 1”. Commandline just stuck there.

  2. How to enable ssh service in single user mode? Since I just stuck on step 1, so I don’t know the following steps are correct or not. I just add a new script to /etc/rc1.d/ directory which runs all the scripts inside in run level 1. The script is “start ssh” or “service ssh start” or “/etc/init.d/ssh start”.

  3. If the first two steps are done, how could I ssh into the system? In single user mode, what’s the user name for the system? In default run level 2, the user name is: ubuntu, with password: ubuntu. If I just type ssh ip address, it will use the user name of my Macbook by default. And I don’t think ssh ubuntu@ip_address will work…


These are very "ubuntu" specific questions, have you tried the ubuntu
forums or ubuntu irc channels?