How to enable UART2 on Beagleboard B7 version

Hi, i want to enable UART2 on B7 version beagleboard in X-Loader
1.4.2, for that i have made following changes in the files.....

1) x-loader/board/omap3530beagle/omap3530beagle.c

        MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_CTS), (IEN | PTD | DIS | M1)) /
*UART2_CTS modified by s*/\
        MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_RTS), (IDIS | PTD | DIS | M1)) /
        MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_TX), (IDIS | PTD | DIS | M1)) /
        MUX_VAL(CP(UART2_RX), (IEN | PTD | DIS | M1)) /

     added above 4 lines to the macro function MUX_DEFAULT()

2) x-loader/include/configs/omap3530beagle.h

     #define CFG_NS16550_COM2 OMAP34XX_UART2 /* i have added this
line */
   /* select serial console configuration */
//#define CONFIG_SERIAL1 3 /* use UART3 */ by default

#define CONFIG_SERIAL1 2 /* use UART2 */

i have modified the UART3 settings to UART2

But i am not able see any x-loader messages on the terminal, i am not
using any u-boot or uImage because i want to just see whether UART2
is working or not ...........

if any one u have the same problem, please lets share solution of
it .......