How to enable USB device support on the BeagleBone Black?

Hi all! I am trying to use pyserial to connect to a /dev/ttyUSB* device, but no device files exist by this name. Most searches related to this topic are either outdated, or refer to connecting a USB-to-TTL cable connected to the J1 port for serial debugging, which is NOT what I’m trying to accomplish. I essentially want to establish a connection between the BeagleBone’s microUSB port and USB port on a Windows 10 PC, much like I would with a UART connection.

So, how do I enable the /dev/ttyUSB file descriptor on the beaglebone black? I feel like it should be possible, as I am able to communicate between my PC and BBB using an SSH communication, and I feel doing it via pyserial on the BBB is not a long ways off.