how to flash debian image in the sd card to emmc in beaglebone black industrial

how to flash debian image in the sd card to emmc in beaglebone black industrial


Depending on your image and kernel…

  1. Go to uEnv.txt in /boot/ and change the file to suit booting from eMMC instead.
  2. If you are using a newer image and kernel, like the 5.10.x-ti- kernels, try to use enable-beagle-flasher.


P.S. If that does not work, if either one or two from above does not work, please reply with the output of these two commands:

cat /etc/dogtag


uname -a

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing .

1)uname -a 5.10
2) Debian Bullseye IoT Image 2023-09-02

how to do this " 1. If you are using a newer image and kernel, like the 5.10.x-ti- kernels, try to use enable-beagle-flasher."

If you want or need to flash the micro SD Card image to the eMMC on the BBB, you can use that script that someone put together. I think @RobertCNelson threw it together for people to flash their eMMC from micro SD Card on the BBB (am335x supported SoC/SiP board).

Anyway, I think your questions is HOW to use it.

  1. try…
    a. enable-beagle-flasher on the command line
  2. If that does not work…
    b. sudo enable-beagle-flasher on the command line
  3. If that does not work…
    c. sudo apt install beagle-flasher


From what I can tell, the enable-beagle-flasher command works on a reboot into the system. You might also try:

beagle-flasher as a command to just copy the data from disk to eMMC.

I just picked this up from DigiKey…

When Debian 11.x (Bullseye) came out, i took some time to re-write the flasher’s… This was back ported to 20.04, and should be pre-installed on your image…

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dpkg --list | grep bb-beagle-flasher
ii  bb-beagle-flasher                          1.20220202.3-0~focal+20220301        armhf beagle-flasher
There are two commands…

sudo enable-beagle-flasher
“enable-beagle-flasher” sets up the media to flash the ‘other’ media on the next reboot.

So, if you boot from microSD, that script would enable the microSD to flash the eMMC on the next boot.

The other:

sudo beagle-flasher
This is standalone and just copies the media over to the other media…

So, if you booted from microSD, it would directly copy that over to the eMMC… It’s not 100% safe, like the other, as you are running directly from it, but it’s good enough for most users. (if you have xorg/etc use the other…)…

So if your already running from the eMMC, i’d stick in a blank microSD and run:

sudo beagle-flasher
Once done, i’d then bootup ‘once’ with the microSD and run:

sudo enable-beagle-flasher
sudo systemctl poweroff
Now that microSD is setup for auto-flashing every board booted with it…


That may be of help. That bit of info can be found here:

I am not even sure if those ideas are around still… Be careful!

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from: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshot - 2023-10-07

eMMC Flasher

Copy board specific configuration files, example:

sudo enable-beagle-flasher
sudo reboot



I cannot say that it is that easy because that is not who I am right now…

Easy! Thank you, sir.


i can only boot from sd card,can i execute “enable-beagle-flasher” this command ?

Thanks it works
I booted from the SD card after downloading and installing the Debian image from beaglebone site, and then I added the following command “sudo beagle-flasher” to it.

sudo enable-flasher worked for 5.10 but now i want to flash 4.19 from sd card to emmc,i tried this but it shows error message “beagle-flasher:command not found”

if the debian image is 4.19 ,how to flash it?