How to get A gui on my beagle bone

Hi guys,
Currently I have Ubuntu installed on my BeagleBone which I am accessing through hyperterminal. Does anyone know how to get the gui up and running in beaglebone?

There is no "the" gui... for instance for a pretty low overhead gui..

sudo apt-get install lxde lxde-core lxde-icon-theme

Beyond that there's atleast 20 other ones..

Just make sure you either, ssh -X in, using the dvi-d cape, or lcd
cape to actually use the gui..

I used
sudo apt-get install gnome-core
to install the gnome components.Right now I am communicating with it using hyperterminal. Since the package vnc4server was not available I used x11vnc and openssh-server.

Every time I run
x11vnc -create
it tells me
The VNC desktop is: omap:0

I then use tight vnc viewer to log on:
But the screen is something like this.The new terminal does not show when I say terminal and new.Any ideas why?


Any other ways that I can access my GUI. Is there something I am doing wrong here?

at least there are no errors :slight_smile:

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Yeah!! 330.gif

Thats one way to look at it. But whats the point when I cant even see the terminal?

i got the GUI working on beagleboneblack OS

Praveen Kumar

has anyone here gotton a GUI working for Ubuntu?

if yes, could you post a link to the exact image you used and the GUI version. please.




Dear Robest,

I tried sudo apt-get install lxde but not /boot/uboot/tools/ubuntu/ . please advice me if I should try again.

Well "/boot/uboot/tools/ubuntu/" is tuned to fit
in the 2Gb eMMC media..


Along with actually setting up xorg.conf so video works..


thank you so much. Im trying it again as you advised. meantime, could you tell me what is xorg.conf?

Nah, you should just google it, it's been in use since the early 80's..


my god. these are so much complex things. I dont know where to start learning these. I kinda didnt even sign up for learning these when I bought the BBB. I just wanted to run Ubuntu with a desktop on it using the HDMI and have a PHP server on it.
I almost fainted after seeing that github code.

Be thankful that guys like Robert are good at writing those fancy shell scripts to make it easy for the rest of us. The script to create the microSD card is over 1700 lines the LXDE one is <100 lines but does a lot. You can learn a lot by walking through these scripts, which is why I did so in my upcoming book.

Thank you heaps Robert.

worked perfectly! May be because I ran the command without SUDO proviledges I had some fatal errors but still GUI loads fine.

However I am highly concerned as to why my previous attempts failed. I spend more than a week trying to install the following and those GUIs didnt work. Could you, if you know can, please tell me why they didnt work?
Since the EMMC wouldnt have enough storage all of them were run when Ubuntu was booted from SD card. Not from EMMC.

The selected modesetting driver(1) and the custom xorg.conf help out..



RobertCNelson: sir you rock!!

Dear Robert,

I tried /boot/uboot/tools/ubuntu/ as you advised, and it worked.
I couldn’t find any text editors with GUIs installed in this ubuntu version. So I tried GVim, Cream, etc but whenever I run them, BBB freezes.
Editra seems to be working so far.

Can you help me with this?