How to get an earlier Angstrom kernel

    I am trying to revert to an earlier kernel of Angstrom and seem to
be having trouble doing it. I updated to linux-omap-2.6.29-r46 which
caused there to be a few problematic patches and kernel panics, and
would like to revert back to the linux-omap-2.6.29-r35 and set it as
the default kernel for the console-image recipe and all those images
that are built off of it. Can someone help me do this using

I appreciate any help,

Hi Bob,

The following recipe: linux/linux_omap-2.6.29 tells you where to set
the preferred revision:

# The main PR is now using MACHINE_KERNEL_PR, for omap3 see conf/

So changing the MACHINE_KERNEL_PR field in conf/machine/include/ to r35 will solve your problem.


This is way incorrect. only contains the version number, it
doesn't contain the actual patchset used to create
r35. If you want r35 you need to look into the git log and git
checkout *COMMIT the tree at the time of 'r35' and copy the file along with any missing patches and

COMMIT: e47846def85976da24a74838c55fafcb7751d3dd


It just so happens that I formatted my computer in between the Linux
versions so I don't believe I will be able to find r35 via looking at
my past fit checkouts. Is there another way?


All history is available in the Angstrom openembedded git tree...
Just reclone it on your new install..


Is the commit you listed above the correct one or only an example?
Being that I am somewhat new to get and would like to be able to do
this quickly in the future, how did you find the commit number so
easily? I tried looking through git log --summary and couldn't find
that one...

To summarize I used the following commands:

git checkout e47846def85976da24a74838c55fafcb7751d3dd -b linux-
mv tmp_dir/ tmp_dir_old # I dont know if this was needed
bitbake console-image

Should this do it? Sorry for continuing to pick at this, I'm still
figuring things out. Thanks for the help.


Hi Bob,

No problem at all, since there have been alot of changes since r35,
you'll probably want to move your current tmp_dir..

That git id is correct for r35, for reference i pulled it from here:

It's the commit id right before it was changed to r36...


Great! Thank you very much. I have one more question that you might be
able help me with. In the process of of playing around with the git
tree I accidentally deleted it (I thought I was in a different
folder). I recloned the repo just fine but now I am getting a warning
at the start of all my bitbake builds. The warning is:

/var/lib/python-support/python2.6/bb/ DeprecationWarning:
the sets module is deprecated import types, sets

I have a feeling that doing a 'git pull' might fix this but I am
afraid to do it because it might change the commit that I am on. Do
you have any quick suggestions on how I could deal with this? I don't
want to take up too much of your time so I appreciate any help you can


Strange, i haven't seen that error before..

The checkout might be too old, so lets just merge the two..

From the r35 checkout,

Copy all the folders & files from:

and copy


To a temp location

Next checkout the top of the git tree, and copy the files back in that
directory and overwrite the *.bb file. It'll give you the latest
Angstrom checkout along with the older r35 kernel.