how to get SGX drivers for non-angstorm distribtuion to work with X11


I have built Xserver with neon enabled optimization.
I want to use SGX with X11 for video acceleration.

I am using busybox file system.

I have seen the link where it mentions opkg and ipk files for angstorm.

Can anybody help me what is the steps to follow SGX drivers for X11 for non-angstorm distribution.

Also, i am using android-kernel-2.6.29 from embinux, where to get source for omaplb and pvr to get compiled.

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You can find the source in the openembedded git tree, for hints take a
look at my test script (1) i used to help tweak my build scripts to
build the modules in ubuntu/debian..




thanks, ur script works fine. i was able to download the sources and patches for that.

yet to build the modules.

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