How to get USB camera working on Beagle Board

Hi ,

I have connected Logitech camera to the USB hub, BB is detecting the
camera when board is booted and lsusb , dmesg | tail commands also
displaying the device.Here I am confused about camera is working or
not if works how to view the captured video on beagle board.

I have downloaded the files from the below source or Do I
need to build rootfs on my own.???

1) Partitioned the hard disk (FAT 32, Ext3 formats)
2)Copied MLO,uImage.bin(2.6.29),U-boot bin into FAT 32 file system
3) Untar the Angstrom image into the ext 32 partition
4) unzip the modules file into /lib/modules in ext 32 partition
5) setting environmental variable

Angstrom is loaded,
Mouse and Keyboard are working fine.

Please suggest me if I have done any mistake in above procedure

Thank you

Do you use a self powered USB Hub to connect mouse and keyboard? Coz
on my hub it's not working ... :frowning:

Hello, Perhaps I can give you what works for me. I use a Logitech
QuickCam Chat USB webcam (non-UVC).

Don Lewis
beagleboard irc (djlewis)

here is dmesg when webcam is plugged in.

dmesg | tail -----------------------------------------------------

usb 2-2.4: new full speed USB device using ehci-omap and address 6
usb 2-2.4: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
Linux video capture interface: v2.00
gspca: main v2.4.0 registered
gspca: probing 046d:08af
zc3xx: probe 2wr ov vga 0x0000
zc3xx: probe sensor -> 11
zc3xx: Find Sensor HV7131R(c)
gspca: probe ok
usbcore: registered new interface driver zc3xx
zc3xx: registered

lsusb ------------------------------------------------------

Bus 002 Device 005: ID 15a9:0004
Bus 002 Device 006: ID 046d:08af Logitech, Inc.