How to go about upgrading from Ubuntu 11.04 to 12.04?


I have a Beagleboard-xM with Ubuntu 11.04 installed on it. I was trying to install a program from source and I ran into an internal compiler error in gcc, so I was going to try to upgrade gcc to see if that would fix it. However, in order to do that, I need to upgrade the actual OS.


sudo apt-get update

didn’t help since 11.04 is no longer supported.

This means I have two options:

  1. Find a way to upgrade from 11.04 to a more recent version without doing a fresh install
  2. Backup everything and do a fresh install, then put everything back

I have the first half of step 2 done in case I have to go that route.

So here I am. Does anyone have any suggestions?

"image" your drive via dd so you altleast have a backup.. and start a
fresh install...

Way back in 11.04 the only option was "armel"... Post 12.04 the "only"
option is armhf.. If the 11.04 -> recent wasn't hard enough, the
'armel' -> 'armhf' is just asking for more pain then it's worth..

So in theory... you could upgrade from 11.04 (armel) -> 12.04 (armel)
then 12.04 (armel) -> 12.04 (armhf) (which almost no one has tried.)
then 12.04 (armhf) -> 13.04 (armhf)..

Or just 'freshly' install 13.04.. :wink:


I looked around online and saw that there was a way to reinstall Ubuntu over an existing partition. However, I’m not sure if that just means that the /home directory will be preserved. I have things that I’d like to keep in the /bin, /usr, etc. folders.

Can I do it this way and still keep everything I want?