How to GO BACK to not flasher micro SD?


I ve been looking how to disable flasher mod in a micro sd card but unable to find anything and reenter in micro SD… Anyone know?

Thank you very much

If its a “flasher” image you downloaded, I don’t know because I’ve never used one. But if its one of the more recent images, you just comment out the line in /boot/uEnv.txt that you uncommeneted to make it flash the eMMC on boot up.

A recent /boot/uEnv.txt has this as the last three lines:

##enable Generic eMMC Flasher:
##make sure, these tools are installed: dosfstools rsync

Remove the # in front of cmdline= and its a “flasher” image, add it back and its not.

I do it by putting the SD card in a Linux system, but in recent images you can do it by booting the Beaglebone without the SD card, and then plugging in the card and mounting it, on my BBG I used:

sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt

sudo nano /mnt/boot/uEnv.txt

Hope this helps.