How to GPIO Configuration on OMAP3530 with linux-2.6.22 or over linux-2.6.32

I'm testing the tsc2007 driver: The driver using that support TI and
Open Source.
And, the ads7846(GPIO_175) tested on OMAP3EVM board.
but, our target board not tested GPIO_181.

I have some question and problem.
If you are using the gpio.c, omap_request_gpio and
omap_set_gpio_direction functions, how using to gpio to irq?
On our target board, gpio_181 don't set up.

I tested following the below:
#define CONTROL_PADCONF_MCSPI2_CS0 (void __iomem*)0x480021DC
    u32 tsgpio;

    tsgpio = __raw_readl(IO_ADDRESS(CONTROL_PADCONF_MCSPI2_CS0));
    tsgpio &= 0x00000000;
  tsgpio |= 0x11C<<0;
    __raw_writel(tsgpio, IO_ADDRESS(CONTROL_PADCONF_MCSPI2_CS0));
  printk(KERN_INFO "CONTROL_PADCONF_HSUSB0_STP = 0x%x\n", tsgpio);

please, if you know how to configure the gpio, let me advice.