How to improve the performance of 2D blit operation using omap 3530 on Angstrom distribution


    I am new with BB. and have some puzzles about hardware accelerator
in beagle board.

    My program is based on SDL.

    And there are a lot of *.png and blit operations. there are about
4M bytes 's png picture totally,and blit on screen 30 frame per

    when my program run on omap3530, it is very slow. and the CPU
occupancy rate is about 99.*%.

    When I dramatically reduce the blit operation, it run well.

    If run on my PC, the occupancy is about 30%.( my PC is dual core
2.0G, ram 2GB)

    So my question is how to improve performance for 2D blit

    Does gstreamer works? It seems that it works for video and sound.

    Does neon works? How could i make use of neon?

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards



One of the ways to improve on the 2D operations is use of Neon Assembly. Please check the link to understand the usage of the Neon Intrinsics

You can write routines using the Neon Asm that will replace the software based 2D operations in Pixman library of X.

Also, find the mail below from Koen that describes various projects in progress using the Neon Asm/Intrinsics.