How to install a custom PRU

I have been researching on how to load a custom pru on a beagle bone black. Is there somewhere for some guidance or a site that may have a tutorial or even a book on this topic.


What do you mean by ‘load a custom pru’? The PRUSS are hardware devices, inbuild in the CPU. You cannot load or unload them!

You can load software to the instruction memory and execute it. Have a look at the PRU FAQ for the basics.

If you mean loading custom firmware/program by “custom pru”, just search prussdrv in google and you can find many docs.

Ah, and here is my code you can refer :wink:

C code is for loading pru program.

Yes, I wrote my question incorrectly. I am new to beaglebone. I think you got what I was looking for. I give it a try. Thanks for the reply.


I’m looking to do the same thing Bo! I’ll let you know if I find some clarity. Please do the same as well. Have you figured it out yet? I wanna get my octoscroller up and running ASAP! :slight_smile:

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