How to install Mono on Debian emmc Flash on Beaglebone Black board

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I have downloaded the latest Debian eMMC flash image and flashed the same on BBB board using SD card. It is working fine. I want to install Mono on the same.
When i give the command
#sudo apt-get install mono-complete — it is throwing error saying cannot install.
How to install the same.
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What exactly is the error? mono-complete is a valid debian package.


Hari Krishna

Indian Institute of Science

$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package mono-complete

The package does not exist. Which probably means there are some binaries which have not yet been ported to ARM. OR hold one. . …

Yeap, the above commands were issues on the BBB while the below issued on my i386 support system.

william@debian:~$ sudo apt-cache search mono-complete
mono-complete - complete Mono runtime, development tools and all libraries

So the package does not exist for the ARM platform.

"mono" hasn't been ported to debian's "armhf" subarch yet. It does
exist in the "armel" archives.

Someone put up a howto guide on github on building mono on wheezy
armhf, it just escapes me a the moment where it was.


Ok I stand corrected. I keep forgetting about armel and armhf differences ( mainly because I only use armhf ).

I did also want to mention that in package form mono runtimes are rather limited for armhf. But I also have seen this github guide Robert mentioned above. Personally, I gave up on it long ago and moved to Nodejs. Since Node.js satisfies all my own needs.