How to install x11 on Beagleboard


My current Angstrom is console only, how to install a GUI, such as
X11, on it?
what kind of opkg packages shoule be installed?



Hi !

     I dont exactly know about the packages which need to be installed
but if you want to start afresh, then you can download the bootloader
files (MLO, u-boot.bin) as usual from
and the filesystem (which has a GUI) from :
After untarring the filesystem, the uImage file should be copied from
the /boot directory to the boot partition of the SD/MicroSD Card.

Cheers !

I chose xfce4 from Narcissus and then issued the following after
logging in as root:

root:~# opkg install angstrom-x11-base-depends
root:~# startxfce4