How to interface a camera in Beaglebone Black through MATLAB ?

I want to capture and store an image from a camera connected to Beaglebone Black via usb in MATLAB-2016 workspace using “webcam” command. Which camera can i use with the board so that i can interface it easily with MATLAB for image processing??

It'd be easiest to use USB cameras, and most of them are supported by Linux
by the video4linux interface.
Now, I didn't know you can get a version of Matlab that runs on
Beaglebone---but Octave is a FOSS clone of Matlab, so I'd use that. Octave
has a video acquisition package

webcam man page says it "captures images from a video4linux device
like bttv, annotates them and and uploads them to a webserver using ftp in
a endless loop." so it doesn't seem like the best tool for you.