How to interface microphone with beagle board


I am final year student at SFU.

I am planning to interface the microphone with beagle board xm for my
final year engg project. Since i am new developer i am not sure about
it? Which microphone or audio input device should i buy? any
suggession ?

My final goal is to do speech recognition or word recognition in real
time? please also suggest some open source( easy to use) libraries?
How is TIesr? any reviews?

One of the use case which is close to my project objective is to make
voice command controlled robot...




Here is what I would do.

  1. I would buy an Audio Cape similar to this:

  2. You may have to build or buy a separate microphone preamplifier and plug it into the cape.

  3. Or you could build a second cape, which is the microphone preamp and mount it on top of the audio cape.

There are beagle bone capes available for this:

Word of warning, I am a hardware guy. The software is up to you J

Or buy a cheap usb sound card