How to learn to use TCP/IP on TI Sitara Starter Kit (Beaglebone)?


I have a TI Sitara A8 (3358) Starter Kit board. I want to learn TCP/IP programming. Although I spend some time on TI forums, I do not find anything useful for me to write TCP/IP code. I think this StarterKit board is similar to Beaglebone board, thus, I ask the question in this forum. Can anyone help me on writing TCP/IP code? Please give me links, on this learning. I mean on Ubuntu to write the code here.


What is running on your board exactly? When it is an Linux/Ubuntu, there is nothing special, you can use any TCP/IP/sockets documentation for Linux that is out there.

When you are using StarterWare bare metal code, you will find it makes use of lwIP. There is a extensive documentation available from this project and StarterWare comes with some examples about how to use it. In this special case it is not programming with a standard socket-API but access to RAW lwIP functions.