how to log serial data received through serial-usb in beagleboard

i know i can do a cat /dev/ttyUSB0/USB1 in my HOST and i can log data . How can i do something similar in my ubuntu 11.10 beagleboard to achieve the same results?


You can use the same command in beagleboard or you can even use minicom and set your serial port settings in minicom and log data.

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Hi I tried it,

But the moment I did cat /dev/ttyusb ...the BB did receive some binary data from the receiver but it was not continuously receiving data as I noticed my gps receiver was transmitting and receiving at the same time( color changed from yellow for transmitting to red which transmits and receives) ...

I suspect it's the Bb that's causing this problem after I send the cat command frm Bb to receiver.

What could be the error?