How to make Keybord and Mouse work well?

I am a new to the beagleboard. when I booted up Angstrom distribution, my keyboard and mouse didn’t work well either. I connected keyboard or mouse to the standard USB interface.

Did I miss something or do something wrong?

Do I need to use USB OTG to connect a usb hub and then connect keyboard and mouse to the usb hub?



I assume by "the standard USB interface" you mean the full-size Type A
receptacle on the Rev C BeagleBoard. This host-only port only
supports high speed, so you cannot directly plug in a keyboad or mouse
since these are usually low-speed devices. You can plug a high-speed
hub in to the BegaleBoard host-only port and then plug your keyboard
and mouse into that hub. There are current limitations: see the
BeagleBoard System Reference Manual, sections 5.6 and 7.2 in Rev C2

You can use the USB OTG port with a USB hub, but you must use the
correct cable to tell the BeagleBoard OTG port to behave as a host and
you'll probably need a self-powered hub, i.e., one with an external
power supply. There are lots of useful suggestions at the BeagleBoard
Wiki and FAQ:

Hope this helps,