how to mount Zippy board to my Beagleboard Rev C4(in terms of Software and hardware configuration)

I would like to mount Zippyboard Rev A to my BB Rev. C4 and try connect ethernet from zippy. So i already installed Ubuntu 10.10 with kernel version 2.6.35 on SD card and boot the BeagleBoard from that SD card and everything just fine. What i mean fine is, i can see a desktop on monitor and can connect mouse,keyboard and internet.But my problem is…i need to play with serial peripheral interface or I2C connection of the beagleboard as my last target of my project. So thats why i decided to connect the zippy with my BBoard. So to connect the zippy board to my BeagleBoard i actually need to configure the pin mux setting rite?i read this page under configuring pinmux. but i check my ubuntu thru terminal and seem i dont have this file on ubuntu—>arch/arm/mach-omap2/mux.c …I also read this under U boot. it said i can configure the pin mux by edit this board/ti/beagle/beagle.h in the U-Boot sources. But still I can’t search the file in my ubuntu. So please if you can help me as this actually my final semester project and im newbie with this Beagleboard things. thanks a lot in advance

Thank you for your help