how to OE-build a minimal command line image for the BBB?

last question for the weekend, i promise -- i want to use
OpenEmbedded/Yocto to build an absolutely *minimal* bootable image for
the BBB to be used as the basis for an embedded linux class. after a
quick perusal, i've written up how far i got here (definitely

  that build just finished a few minutes ago and, as you can see, what
i got out of it was a good start:

* an MLO image
* a u-boot image
* a kernel
* a root filesystem

it's clearly not the final answer as i just verified that the /boot
directory in the root filesystem is empty so there's no uEnv.txt or
device tree blob for initialization, but i'm not so worried about that
as, for classes, it's actually useful to *not* have everything working
as all of that can then be turned into exercises. on the other hand,
it still at least has to boot to the command line, of course.

  however, the one thing i imagine i'll need to do is make sure
connman (or something equivalent) is set up to make sure what's
produced can be flashed and has a net connection. or just take the
OE-generated artifacts and wrap it all up in an eMMC flasher image,
that sounds like the simplest approach.



p.s. i'm also interested in building something test-related like the
ti-hw-bringup-image recipe here:

which is loaded with cool debugging utilities that would be ideal for
students to poke around. maybe i'll try that next.