How to prepare Angstrom?


it is the most confusing thing for me with embedded Linux. Also with Angstrom. Really please for help. I tried to find answers, but still don’t understand.

With Angstrom we have to most common ways to build. Online builder and OpenEmbedded.

  1. With online builder we can prepare rootfs. Which kernel should be then used with it? Can that be any kernel built with cross-compile option for one specific system/processor? Or there are some requirements for kernel used with Angstrom?

  2. OpenEmbedded bitbake option allows to create not only rootfs. It is possible to build kernel too. Could be that kernel replaced with some from other source? Like in 1. point.

Hope that finally someone could tell me how it is.

Assuming that this:

MACHINE=beagleboard ./ bitbake virtual/kernel
and this:

MACHINE=your_machine ./ bitbake linux-omap-psp-2.6.32
can use the same rootfs image prepared with this:

MACHINE=your_machine ./ bitbake console-image

I suppose that there is some flexibility in usage of kernel downloaded from e.g. TI and cross-compiled on my own.

I assume it because both that kernel recipes are downloaded with setup-scripts, so I can choose if I want recent or not.

W dniu piątek, 11 stycznia 2013 23:00:21 UTC+1 użytkownik valdez napisał:

I am not too familiar with bitbake.
Could anyone clarify what git/branch to use for kernel and bootloader
for BeagleBone.
As per my investigation, here is what i think:

Checkout any of following heads, and apply patches by running
        head: beaglebone-3.2 ---> Looks more stable as compared to 3.6
        head: beaglebone-3.6

head: ???
Not sure which one to use of the following heads:

Exploring further, looks this should be the latest release wiki, and
documents the kernel and bootloader versions: