How to program configuration EEPROM on Bone?


How is the configuration information first written to the EEPROM on the BeagleBone? E.g. are these chips programmed before they are installed or is some type of in-situ method used?


I2C write commands under Uboot. It is part of the testing process.


Thanks for the reply Gerald. If you program the EEPROM from U-Boot then don’t you have a chicken-egg problem? E.g. doesn’t the startup procedure read configuration from the EEPROM to determine board type etc. when booting? If the EEPROM is initially blank U-Boot won’t be able to read the board type?

That is correct, Except we use a special chicken (UBoot) that ignores the fact the EEPROM is empty so we can stock the EEPROM with eggs for the first time. It is done as part of the testing process at the factory…


Good answer, thanks.

Glad to help!